Math Sciences (MS) 2000

Printing Policy: 

Printing in the PIC Lab is free. However, there is a limit to the number of pages you may print for the quarter, and this quota will not be increased under any circumstances. Please note that pages are deducted as soon as you send your print job, whether or not the document is actually printed, and these pages cannot be added back. You can check your current usage in the taskbar (at the bottom right corner) under Printing Information. This will indicate your current usage as a dollar amount, where each page is valued at 5 cents. If you opt to print in duplex mode, each side of a page is valued at 3 cents. You are initially credited $10 (200 pages), so if you’ve printed 90 pages, you have $5.50 (110 pages) remaining. Please note the dollars/cents system is merely for bookkeeping and does not represent actual money.

Disk Space:

The Z: drive on the lab computers is your individual account. The disk quota is 1 gigabyte per student per class; if you go over this quota, you will be unable to save your homework or compile your programs over the network. A warning will pop up on the screen when you are nearing your quota (do not ignore it!). If you find that you have gone over, a good place to start deleting files is in the Debug folder in each of your C++ project folders.

Accounts are purged 3 weeks after the end of the quarter for which you were last enrolled in a PIC or qualifying math class. The contents of your Z: drive will be deleted at this time, so be sure to make yourself a copy of any important documents before this happens.

Food and Drinks:

Food and drinks are prohibited in the lab.

Lab Assistants:

If you need any help, please ask a lab assistant on duty (wearing an eye-pleasing bright blue vest and an ID with his or her name on it). Please check the information available on this site first as your question may be answered here.

The lab assistants are here to help fix hardware and software problems, enforce lab rules, and make sure that the lab runs smoothly. They can also answer general programming questions and give you advice on how to find your bugs and how to use most software programs.

There is a limit to how helpful a lab assistant can be. In particular, they cannot do your assignment for you. It is your responsibility to attend lecture and discussion, and to do the assigned reading. Lab assistants have no obligation to provide information that was covered in class. If you need further help, please see your instructor or TA.

Lab Hours:

Monday           9 AM – 5 PM
Tuesday          9 AM – 5 PM
Wednesday     9 AM – 5 PM
Thursday         9 AM – 5 PM
Friday              9 AM – 5 PM
Saturday          CLOSED
Sunday            1 PM – 5 PM