MS Imagine

What is MS Imagine (formerly MS Dreamspark)?

One of the benefits for taking a PIC class or qualifying Math class is membership the Microsoft Imagine program. This is a deal from Microsoft where students are allowed to download a wide variety of Microsoft products for personal use, for free. All the major Microsoft packages are included, such as Windows 7 and Visual Studios, but unfortunately not Microsoft Office. (The Open Source software suit Open Office is equivalent though, and free to use. You can get Open Office here.)

To access the MS Imagine website:

Check your email using the SSH client. (If you do not know how, follow this link Setting up your PIC/Linux Email Account on the PIC website, or ask a PIC Lab Assistant.) Within two weeks of the beginning of each quarter, each PIC/Math Lab user will receive an email from ELMS for MS Imagine with their login and password information.

In the email you should see a link to access the MS Imagine site.
Click access the site here. Click Login. Login your information and choose which programs you want to download. Remember, these files are in ISO format.
Note: Some files are already located on the computer in the PIC Lab! Open the MS Imagine file on the desktop to see.