How to post to the PIC Lab Reservation Calendar

The PIC Labs can be quite impacted during certain times and many instructors and TAs who wish to hold office hours with their students there have had trouble doing so.  In order to help alleviate that, we have created the PIC Reservations Google Calendar to help organize and publish reservations in the labs.

The following is the public link to the calendar:

You could make reservations one of two ways:

  1. Request for editing rights to be able to add reservations (please send your gmail address to in order to do this)
    • We suggest using your University account.
  2. Contact to make a reservation

When making a reservation on the calendar, please include the following information:

  1. Course and discussion name
  2. Time they would like to reserve
  3. How big of a group they are expecting
  4. Whether or not this will be a recurring instance

Please keep in mind the following when editing the Calendar:

  1. These reservations will be by the honors system but monitored by the Bugs and Math Computing Group staff.
  2. It is best to keep it to one reservation at any given time slot, but if the groups are not too large and instructors cannot schedule for another time they must be mindful of still allowing other students to drop into the labs.
  3. We want to keep the labs available for drop-ins during open hours so that students can work on their assignments.

Our very helpful PIC Lab Assistants are aware of this calendar and will try their best to monitor it and open up enough free seats in the lab accordingly before your discussion or office hours beings.  Hopefully this will make things go more smoothly in the PIC Labs and we will make adjustments as needed.